Call For Papers

The Conference Committee is seeking papers for the conference with each presenter having a 30-minute speaking slot. Conference will have common session for all participants and separate sessions for those interested in 144 MHz, 432 MHz & up EME operations.

Draft themes are but not limited to:

EME operation issues – This theme includes topics like operational procedures, different modes, portable or rover operation, expeditions operation, QSO time planning etc.

EME technical issues – This theme includes topics such as antennas, pointing, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, transverters and converters, frequency and time synchronization, cabling and grounding, EMC etc.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We prefer submissions in open or industry standard formats such as ods, LaTEX, doc, or docx.
  • Resolution of pictures shall at least 1200 dpi.
  • English language.
  • PPT presentations should be suitable for projection at HDMI resolution.

Selected papers will be presented during conference and published in the Conference Proceedings.

Draft of the presentations shall be issued to organizer not later than 15th of June 2024. Final paper not later than 30th of June 2024.